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How To Cold Stratify Seeds For Spring Planting

by AmandaSource: Many native varieties, like Prairie Coneflower, require cold stratification if seeding in spring. The good news is this is an easy process for any gardener. Many wildflowers—especially native varieties—have clever mechanisms in place that help protect them from germinating too early in the spring or too late in the summer. These varieties re-seed […]

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Seed Longevity Guide

Seed Storage Guidelines Vegetable Storage Years Vegetable Storage Years Arugula 4 Leek 2 Bean 3 Lettuce 5 Beet 4 Muskmelon 5 Broccoli 3 Mustard 4 Brussels Sprouts 4 Okra 2 Cabbage 4 Onion 1 Carrot 3 Parsley 1 Cauliflower 4 Parsnip 1 Celeriac 3 Pea 3 Celery 3 Pepper 2 Chard, Swiss 4 Pumpkin 4 […]

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