Garlic Cultivars by Horticultural Group! (2022)

As 5000 years of garlic, history unfolds before our eyes since its origin in Central Asia.

Garlic connoisseurs have been migrating garlic from their ‘center of origin’ beyond the natural range of wild garlic and more worldwide to bring the taste of garlic to their homes.

As this garlic grows in these regions, different environmental pressure brings out unique flavours of garlic. Further along, gardeners alike keep sharing and migrating this newly adapted garlic to even more diverse environments further instilling amazing flavours out of garlic’s own adaptation!

Canada has been a melting pot of cultural diversity in the last half-century and many immigrants who are gardeners brought garlic and other ethnic foods to keep cultivating their favourite flavours in their gardens!

Richard Beaudette, our very own garlic connoisseurs have been searching for these garlic varieties all across Canada from various sources to bring to you all the taste of garlic that exists in Canada which has travelled throughout history across different lands adapting to different environments for you to taste a piece of garlic flavour evolved across time!

Among many horticultural groups, the Purple Stripe and Marble Purple Stripe’s flavours resemble closest to the original garlic from Central Asia.

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