Lima Bean

Since 9,000 BC, lima beans have been produced in Peru. It bears the name of Lima, the capital of Peru. The botanical name of the plant, “lunatus,” which corresponds to the bean’s form, means “half-moon.” During the Incan era in the Andes, primary foods included potatoes, quinoa, and lima beans. Through traders, lima beans quickly became popular in many nations. By the 1300s, lima beans were being produced in North America. They became well-known all over the world and adopted names like “Madagascar beans” and “Rangoon beans.” Lima beans are a good source of protein, magnesium, iron, fibre, and B vitamins. The green shell is a pod, and the tiny white seeds are legumes. Just before you eat, take out the pod. Lima beans must be cooked before eating since they are poisonous when consumed raw.

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