Banana Leg Tomato Plant


Banana Leg Tomato | Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Solanum lycopersicum | Annual | Open Pollinated | Heirloom

75-80 days. As you would likely guess, Banana Legs is an unusual Tomato: a must-grow just because of its appearance, to say nothing of its taste. Shaped like a small, bright yellow banana, it is about 4″ long and 1½” in diameter with pale green stripes that mature to light orange. A rare, prolific paste-type Tomato, its fruit drapes from lacy, determinant vines in clusters. Its mild-flavored flesh is a bit crunchy, yet meaty, with only a few seeds. Banana Legs is great sliced in salads where you can show off its striking color and enjoy its great taste.

Harvesting tip: For best taste harvest when the tomato is fully ripe and has expressed all its full color. One can also harvest when the tomato is green and has expressed its first blush; in this case, let tomato ripen off-vine at a temperature above 21°C.

Storage tip: Store at 12-21°C with a relative humidity of 95%. Tomato may damage at a temperature of 10°C.


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Seed depth : 1/8-1/4″

Plant spacing : 12-18” Determinate
24-36” Indeterminate

Row spacing : 4-6

Sun tolerance level : Full Sun

Days to germination : 5-10 Days

Days to maturity : 70-75 Days

Germination temperature : 10-35°C, optimally 23-29°C


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