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Clemson Okra


Clemson Okra | Ecologically grown
Abelmoschus esculentus | Annual | Open Pollinated | Heirloom

An heirloom variety that yields spineless, tender, ribbed pods. Pods can be 3” long. The plant can get up to 6’ tall. Variety adapted to our northeast region.

Planting tip: Start indoors 6 weeks before the transplanting date. Delicate roots so handle carefully when transplanting. Okra can survive dry conditions but fruits well adequate water.

Harvesting tip: Harvest often to get more fruits. Harvest every 2-3 days.

Storage tip: Okra pods will keep well for 7-10 days in aerated plastic bag or container at 7-10°C



Seed depth : 1/2″

Plant spacing : 18-24”

Row spacing : 36″

Sun tolerance level : Full Sun

Days to germination : 2-12 Days

Days to maturity : 60-70 Days

Germination temperature : 18-32°C, optimally 21°C


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