Prescott Fond Blanc Cantaloupe


Prescott Fond Blanc Cantaloupe | Ecologically grown
Cucumis melo | Annual | Heirloom

Fond Blanc translates to ‘white bottom.’ Don’t be fooled by the outer appearance of this wrinkled bumpy warted thick-skinned puffy-looking grey-green rock melon! (One author describes the skin as “tough as rhinoceros hide.”) Looks like spumoni on the inside, the outer layers of green and yellow giving way to deep orange flesh in the center. Then oo-la-la! Sniff its rich bouquet and bite into the juicy melting dense savory flesh. As Prescott’s 3–5 lb true cantaloupes ripen they develop a yellow blush and a floral redolence, and finally slip off the vine with light pressure when fully ripe. Bring them in and let them sit for a week, then enjoy! Fruits ripen variably, vines keep producing, averaging about four melons per hill.

Planting tip: Direct seed 1-2 weeks after the last frost. One can also start indoors 4 weeks before the planting date.

Harvesting tip: Harvest when yellow

Storage tip: Ripe melon lasts 4 weeks in cold storage.