120 Varieties Seed Rack List

120 Varieties Seed Rack List

Présélection de 120 Variétés Pour Présentoir à Semences


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Gaia’s 120 Varieties Seed Rack List


#0001 BEANS
Purple Peacock Pole Bean

The charming, light purple blooms are followed by dark purple pods on this lovely plant. Tolerant to cooler temperatures.  The 5″ long pods maintain their flavour and suppleness long after being harvested. Pods turn green when cooked. The plants are extremely productive. Harvest often to encourage more fruiting. 
#0002 BEANS
Vermont Cranberry Bean

Thought to be New England tradition since pre-1800, this bush bean shouldn’t be confused with True Red Cranberry pole bean or pink-flecked Italian Borlotti bean. Early horticultural compendiums list 2 New World varieties, Dwarf Cranberry & Pole Cranberry, as being grown by Indigenous peoples in New England. Vermont Cranberry is the Dwarf Cranberry’…
#0003 BEET
Chioggia Guardsmark Beet

This beet has striking crimson and white interior zoning and sweet flavor. Guardsmark strain is selected for more uniform roots than the standard Chioggia beet strain. High resistance to bolting.
#0004 BEET
Detroit Dark Red Beet

A superb quality heirloom variety, extensively known for high-quality roots. Strong tops, uniform 3” round beets and good for eating and canning.
#0005 BEET
Touchstone Gold Beet

Improved germination, uniform shape, attractive solid green tops. From Alf Christianson Seed Company that bred from Red Ace F1 and Guardsmark Chioggia.
Waltham 29 Broccoli

Great variety for bunched side shoots. Sturdy 20 inch plant, topped with 6 inch dark blue green heads with medium to large beads and long stalks. Cold tolerant for fall maturity. Heat sensitive.
Bilko Napa F1 Cabbage

Standard for market gardeners. Larger heads than Kaboko and Emiko with similar barrel shapes. 12” head. Resistance to Fusarium Wilt, Fusarium Yellows, club rot, and black speck. Original Breeder: Bejo Seeds.
Late Flat Dutch Cabbage

The typical late-season cultivar, Late Flat Dutch is a large cabbage that keeps well. Heads form up to 12 inches and weigh as much as 15 pounds. Late Flat Dutch has an excellent flavor. This heirloom was introduced by European settlers in the 1860s.
Kalibos Cabbage

A spectacular Heirloom variety is deep purple and conical in shape with round hips and crinkled interior. Very sweet, tender and very good storage quality. 2-3 lbs head.
#0010 CARROT
Cosmic Purple Carrot

Deep purple skin, orange flesh, and a little spicy tasting. Very pretty looking at a market stand. 7” in size.
#0011 CARROT
Yellowstone Carrot

Bright yellow and long carrots. Easy to grow, highly productive and strong tops for bunching. Pick baby carrots for sweet and mild flavour.
#0012 CELERY
Chinese Pink Celery

Light pink color celery, originated from China. Popularized by Baker Creek Seeds. Strong flavour. Bolts quickly and unevenly. Harvest young and eat like cilantro with periodic sowing for continuous harvest. Some plant sprouts back after cutting back.
#0013 CHARD
Fordhook Giant Chard

High yielding, broad white stems, dark green savoyed leaves. The upright plant is excellent for commercial growers. Uniform colour and size compared to other chards.Green chard (not multi-colored) is more cold tolerant.
Golden Bantam Corn

Early and historic variety. Sweet flavour, ideal for freezing and fresh eating. Original strain was introduce by W.Atlee Burpee in 1902. Selected for longer ears and tenderness.
Lemon Cucumber

Unique, round yellow cucumber with fine black spines, and sweet, mild flavor. The vines are vigorous, but production slows in hot weather. Harvest fruit when skin is pale yellow. Bright yellow fruit is over-mature.
Marketmore 76 Cucumber

The most widely used open-slicer variety used by market gardeners. Dark green fruits, good tasting. Heart tolerant with resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, scab, anthracnose and angular leaf spot. 8-9” fruit.
Little Finger Eggplant

Early maturing. Highly productive. Fruit size is 3-6”. Dark purple skin that has tender texture. Silky flesh with mildly sweet flavour. Requires very little cooking time. Harvest when eggplant is young and glossy.
Open OPhelia Eggplant

Early variety. Popular for small fruited and mini eggplant. Medium busy plant and have oval shape eggplant. Grows in clusters and has deep purple color. Stabilized by Telsing Andrews.
Flashback Calendula Mix

Astonishing hues of peach, apricot, orange, vanilla and yellow (sometimes bicolored or tricolored) captivate the eye. The undersides of the petals are of darker tones like burgundy, flashy red, or maroon, fold up for the night at sunset to reveal these beautiful colors. Their stems are long & strong.Calendula petals are edible, but remove the flower base before eating. Calendula look great in patio containers, bloom all summer.
Bright Lights Cosmos

Bright Lights is a cosmic beauty show from midsummer until the first frost. Vibrant, bold, 2 1/2″ flowers on 36″ plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds that love the nectar from the blossoms. Cosmos are a superb choice for wildflower and naturalized areas, as they are drought tolerant, and neglect is the kind of care they prefer! Sprinkle the …
Dianthus Double Choice Sweet William Mix

Self-sowing biennial. Fragrant flat-topped flower that grows in clusters in colours of red, pink, white, lavender or mixed colors. Requires good drainage.
Heirloom Flower Mix

Heirloom seeds have been handed down for more than 50 years and are renowned for their lengthy histories and vibrant colours. 75% of the plants are annual, and 25% are perennial. Indian Blanket, Four O’Clock Red, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Annual Blue Flax, Scarlet Flax, Sweet William Single Mix, Garland Daisy, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Cosmos Sensation Mi…
Monarch Butterfly Flower Mix

Numerous types of butterflies will find nectar in the annual and perennial flowers found in the Monarch Butterfly Mixture. This mixture contains nine plant types that serve as food for many different butterfly species’ caterpillars. The following flowers are included in this mix: Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Cosmos, Godetia, New England As…
Summer Carnival Hollyhock

Sturdy plants grow to 6’ in our experience. Peony-shaped powderpuff blossoms in shades of crimson, pink, red, yellow, white, and rose. Blooms in the first year and all summer long. AAS Winner 1972.

Famous among flower gardeners for bouquets and arrangements. Diverse varieties of colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink blush, white, and magenta. Stays colored and vibrant even after drying.
Mexican Sunflower

6’ tall plant that very branch-y. 3.5” wide flowers that deep orange in color. Blossoms midsummer to frost.Keep at least 12″ from all other plants (impedes their growth).
Pumila Zinnia Mix

Blooms in shades bright pink, purple, orange, red, white and yellow. Start blooming from midsummer to early autumn. High-yielding for cut flower production. Very attractive to pollinators.
State Fair Zinnia

Large husky plants with tremendous six inch blooms. Excellent colour range of lavender, orange, pink, purple, rose and scarlet.
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Also known as Tassle Flower. Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth is often an ornamental Victorian-era flower. Pearl-like pendants in the form of a tail when the flower is blooming. The plant can reach about 3-4 feet.
American Anise Hyssop

Sweet, aromatic and licorice flavour. Plentiful blooms, attracting bees and all sorts of pollinators. Also known as giant hyssop.
Genovese Basil

Standard variety for market gardeners. Dark green and glossy leaves with a very strong aroma and very tender leaves.
Lime Basil

Originated in Thailand. Fragrant lime aroma. Great for salads and soups. Attracts lots of pollinators. Pinch top off in seedling stage for bushy growth. Harvest often for continuous growth.
Sweet Thai Basil

Widely used in Thai cuisine. Grows well commercially as well as a potted plant. Market gardeners also use it as flowers for floral arrangements.
Thai Sweet Large Leaf Basil

These large, soft basil leaves have a flavour that is similar to anise and have a strong, sweet aroma that changes to a cinnamon scent when cooked. The strong aroma is perfect for green and red curries, soup, stir-fries, and other dishes. Many Asian chicken, hog, and seafood dishes are popular with this flavour.

Regular onion chives. Edible pungent leaves and purple flower separated into florets. Great in salads for flavour and colour.
Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives have exquisite chives taste with a hint of garlic flavour which makes them perfect for garnishing. Plant grows slower than normal chives. Hardy up to Zone 4.
Bouquet Dill

Early Maturing variety used for fresh greens, large blooms for cut flowers and seed head production. Great for producing baby lead pro. The flowers can be used to garnish potato salad, green salads, and pickles. When broken into florets, they can be mixed into a cheese spread or omelet.
Perfection Fennel

A superior quality fennel with large bulb and strong flavour. Selected for uniformity. Very bolt resistance.
Greek Oregano

Fragrant, dull green and purple leaves that are used in Greek and Italian cooking. Low-growing perennial that attracts lots of pollinators. Perennial to Zone 4, but survives some winters in Zone 3.
Moss Curled Parsley

Triple-curled dark green leaves with upright stems that keep the product away from the dirt. Non-bolting, long lasting compact plants are hardy into winter.
Fanni Common Sage

Aromatic sage that is often used in soups and stuffing. Gray leaves can be bunched together and dried for ceremonial purpose.

Tasty, tender, lemony leaves that can grow up to 8”. Wonderfully early crop that produces another flush of leaves, after summer seeding, in the autumn. May self seed to give extra plants! Great in a variety of dishes including salad, soups and other green mixes. A favourite of children. Full sun to part shade. Great forest garden plant. Consider pl…
#0043 KALE
Dazzling Blue Kale

Bright blue dazzling stands true to its and its rich flavor. High yielding and robustness and color become more vibrant with the colder temperatures. Bred by Hank Keogh of Avoca Seed Farm, produced in association with Wild Garden Seed in Oregon and released through the Open Source Seed Initiative. 24-30” tall.
#0044 KALE
Red Russian Kale

Very popular variety among market gardeners for their salad mixes. A cold-hardy variety that has smooth baby leaves. Selected by High Mowing Seeds. 24-36” tall.
#0045 KALE
Siberian Kale

Frost hardy, tender, excellent for raw salads. Let frost sweeten the taste to your liking. 18-36” tall.
Kordial F1 Kohlrabi

3-5″ bulbs. Early maturing, bulbs with dense, crisp centers. Crack-resistant bulbs. High Resistance: Downy Mildew, Fusarium Yellows. Intermediate Resistance: Black Rot. Performs best as a spring or fall crop.
Astro Arugula

Astro stands out among all arugula. Very cold and hot tolerant crop. Mildly spicy flavor leaves and flowers.
Tatsoi Asian Greens

Popular as baby sized for salad mixes. Soft texture and mild flavour. Fast growing spoon-shaped leaves that are dark green and glossy with narrow white stems. Heat tolerant.
White Stemmed Pac Choi

Gorgeous thick white stems and glossy green leaves. More open habit than Prize Choy and more commonly used as a baby leaf variety in salad and braising green mixes. A standard for mild brassica flavor and thick succulent leaves. Excellent for baby leaf, open habit.

Golden yellow leaves are 1.5” rounded, thick, and succulent. Used for a juicy lemon flavor in summer salads. Mounded compact growth to 15” tall. Upright habit.
Buttercrunch Lettuce

Crisp and sweet tasting. 6” heads which small and compact. Slow bolting and does well under stress. Original Breeder: Cornell University.For lettuce, leaf varieties are more cold tolerant.
Crispino Lettuce

Average size iceberg lettuce that is sweet-tasting and compact white-hearted heads with vibrant dark green outer leaves. Does well under stress.For lettuce, leaf varieties are more cold tolerant.
Red Sail Lettuce

Crinkled leaves that have a red tint. Very slow to bolt and holds in fields after maturing.For lettuce, leaf varieties are more cold tolerant.
#0054 MELON
Orange Flesh Honeydew Melon

Oval to round in shape. White to pale yellow-green in color when ripe. Its salmon-hued flesh, however, is more like that of a cantaloupe and is firm yet juicy offering a honey-sweet melon flavor. Melon will continue to ripen after being picked from the vine.
#0055 MELON
Tigger Melon

Originally from an Armenian market. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company brought this stunning variety to North America. Vibrant yellow fruits with dark orange zigzag stripes. 1 lb fruit and the white flesh is mildly sweet.

A Southern favorite, with sharp, pungent flavor and aroma—try steamed, sautéed, or added to soups. Easy and fast in the North, too. Great source of calcium and iron.
Osaka Purple Mustard

Commonly grown as a baby leaf for salad mixes. The spicy mustard flavour can add quite a kick to a salad mix. Cold tolerant and flavour intensifies as it becomes colder.
#0058 OKRA
Kandahar Pindi Okra

If you’ve struggled with growing okra in the past, this may be the okra for you. As opposed to most named varieties, which are bred for uniformity, this is a diverse landrace population. The seeds of some plants have very high oil content. Originally collected by the little-known but prolific USDA agricultural explorer E.E. Smith in 1954. Variety a…
#0059 OKRA
Red Burgundy Okra

Full Description 3-5’ tall plant and 6-8″ pods. When cooked, the leaves turn a deep lovely shade of purple. Highly productive. Harvest when pods are young and tender. Harvest often to encourage higher yield.
Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

Also called Nebuka, this non-bulbing bunching onion originated in Japan in the 1880s. Resistant to PR and smut. Perennial, if overwintered in warmer climates it develops clumps of scallions in the spring that can harvested or divided.
Laxton’s Progress Number 9 Pea

Highly productive, yields large plumped pods of about 4-5”. Plant are short vined and 15-20” tall. Resistance to wilt. 9 peas per pod.
Golden Sweet Snow Pea

Plants grow up to 6’ in height. Unique yellow snow pea pods that 3” in length. Highly productive. Bi-color flower that add to its ornamental look.
Purple Mist Snow Pea

A Dutch heirloom that is multi-purpose pea. Young pods enjoyed as snow peas. When pods left longer to mature, it can be used as shelling pea. Shelled pea can be stored for winter for soup making. Vines get 5-6’ long. Trellising needed.
Biquinho Yellow Hot Pepper

An heirloom pepper called “Little Beak” from Brazil. Small, pointed fruits avg. 1 1/4″ and have a unique, slightly tart flavor with a tiny bit of heat. Fruits turn from very pale green to yellow. 20″ tall plant are ornamental looking and forms a canopy of dangling pointy fruits. Great for containers and the ornamental look add to the beauty. Eaten …
Cayenne Hot Pepper

30,000-50,000 SHU. Popular hot chilli pepper. Long up to 6” and skinny up to ½” at the shoulder. An upright, bushy plant that is highly productive. Reaches up to 2’ in height. The plant produces straight emerald green peppers that mature into a wrinkled bright red fruit.
Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper

Small and stubby with a medium level of spiciness when harvested dark green.  Adds great taste when pickled or added to sandwiches. Fruits are about 3-5”
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Vary in colour from orange, red and yellow. Great for roasting, stuffing, and pickling. 2-5” fruits.
Sugar Rush Peach Hot Pepper

Amazing Sugar-Sweet Flavor and Some Fire Too! A sumptuous snacking pepper, Sugar Rush Peach is by far the most fun pepper to eat. The long, peach-colored fruit is packed with loads of super sweet, tropical flavor, and the seeds bring a smoky, complex heat that when used together, creates a wild flavor experience unparalleled in any pepper we have t…
California Wonder Pepper

Exceptionally large blocky pepper that is a wide wall and turns red regardless of the weather. 3-5” fruit. Bigger than King Crimson Pepper. Resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Original Breeder: Burpee, a hit since 1928.

Young peppers are green, turns colour as they mature.

HMS Orange Picnic Pepper

Deep orange 3-5” fruit. Excellent pepper for snacking on a picnic. Original Breeder: High Mowing Seeds. High yielding, thick wall, an upright plant.

Young peppers are green, turns colour as they mature.

Sweet Chocolate Pepper

Dark chocolate color. Medium-sized pepper up to 3-4” pepper. Tolerant to cool weather. Developed by Elwyn Meader at the University of New Hampshire.

Young peppers are green, turns color as they mature.

Howden Pumpkin

Rich orange color with deep ridges and strong handles. Up to 25lbs. Famous Jack O’Lantern among market gardeners. Tolerant to Black Rot. Developed in the Berkshire Mountains by John Howden.
Verdil Spinach

Very cold tolerant, fast growing large leaf variety with pleasant aromatic flavor. An excellent choice for overwintering and early spring crops, this medium green leaf is ideal for steaming or salads. Verdil stood out with the best emergence of any variety in our spring trials. Original breeder is German biodynamic farmer Kultursaat.
Spaghetti Squash

Pale yellow. Takes long time to mature but has excellent nutty flavour when ripe. Excellent keeper. Fruit are 4lbs. Original Breeder: Sakata.
Burgess Buttercup Squash

Dark green skin with golden orang stringless flesh that is sweet and flavorful. Variety is bred for uniformity and weighs about 3-5 lbs.
Waltham Butternut Squash

Vining type. Very popular among growers, smooth textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits with smooth, tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. Selected for uniformity of size, shape and yields. Last long time if cured properly. Fruit weights about 4-5 lbs.
Costata Romanesco Zucchini

An Italian heirloom that has a unique nutty taste, light green pattern with bulged ripening. 6” fruit is tender and easy to pick.
Amethyst Cream Tomato

Mid-season tomato. Purple hints on top, a yellow creamy bottom cherry tomato that is sweet tasting. Crack resistance, longer hang time and great shelf life.INDETERMINANT.
Black Cherry Tomato

Early, round, sweet, juicy, brown-red cherry tomato. Very tasty!INDETERMINANT.
Black Icicle Tomato

Stunning, perfectly shaped, deep purplish-brown fruit that are almost black. A great variety for both home gardeners and chefs. This tomato has the incredible rich taste that is in many of the large, dark beefsteak types: sweet, rich with earthy overtones.INDETERMINANT.
Bonny Best Tomato

Midseason with old-fashioned flavor, heirloom variety from early 1900s. Round, smooth red meaty fruits. Reliable with a good, sweet flavor and size. An old favorite for canning. Good in cooler areas.INDETERMINANT.
Bush Beefsteak Tomato

A wonderful, compact and prolific, short bushy plant that grows to 3 feet, yields huge amounts of very early producing 8 oz. beefsteak tomatoes in clusters. A very popular variety for shorter growing regions.INDETERMINANT.
Cherokee Chocolate Tomato

Regular leaf, 8-12 oz brick orange/brown/black beefsteaks with excellent flavor. Large sprawling vines need caging or staking, productive, large 10-16 oz fruit that turn from orange to rich brownish red, good flavor like that of Cherokee Purple.INDETERMINANT.
Cherokee Purple Tomato

Early-season, 12-16 oz, sweet tomato. Deep purple skin, dark red flesh tomato plant that is highly productive and superb tasting heirloom tomato.INDETERMINANT.
Chocolate Pear Tomato

A mid-season cherry tomato that is pear-shaped and rich in flavor. Highly productive plant, great for market gardeners. Light red in color with hues of green and brown just like chocolate.INDETERMINANT.
Cosmic Eclipse Tomato       

2-3 oz starts with a mix of indigo and off-green color splashes.  Spangled brick red with green stripes and golden spot gives it a cosmic finish. The sweet, juicy flavor that hangs on the vine ripe and edible. Excellent storage life and highly productive. Original Breeder: Brad Gates.INDETERMINANT.
Gold Nugget Tomato

An early-season, 1” in diameter, yellow sweetest tomato in our garden with high yields and produces all season long. Cold tolerant.INDETERMINANT.
Indigo Rose Tomato

Mid-season, anthocyanin filled 1-2 oz tomato that turns dark purple on the top after exposure from the sun. Bred by Jim Myers at OSU. Sweet and tangy tasting.INDETERMINANT.
Matt’s Wild Tomato

Mexican heirloom. Tiny, smooth, red very sweet, full of flavor fruits in early season. High sugar content but soft fruits with good yields. Small seeded. Good blight resistance from sprawling plants.INDETERMINANT.
Mini-Orange Tomato

Midseason. A compact plant whose vine doesn’t extend too far. A bright orange tomato that is 1-1.5” in diameter that is mild and tangy in flavor.INDETERMINANT.
Morden Yellow Tomato

Early season. Sunshine yellow skin and flesh. Medium round, uniform shape and size. Developed in Morden Manitoba in the 1950s.INDETERMINANT.
Mother Red Tomato

Medium to large red tomato. Flavorful, sweet, productive and early. Sweeter than most red tomatoes. Originated in Ukraine.INDETERMINANT.
Red Marmande Tomato

Early. Light red, flattened, round, medium size tomato with ribbed shoulders. Succulent, light, tart flesh. From Marmande, France in the 1800s.INDETERMINANT.
Red Pear Tomato

A very old mid-season heirloom from the 1700s. Scarlet red pear-shaped fruits in mid-season. Full, juicy flavor with slight acid make these great for snacking and super in salads. Prolific yields of hundreds of fruits. Contain very few seeds.INDETERMINANT.
Reisetomate Tomato

Midseason. Reisetomate tomato looks like many cherry tomatoes have been fused together. Also known as “Traveler Tomato” for its ability to tear piece by piece to eat while walking. Taste is sour, strong and acidic.INDETERMINANT.
Roma Tomato

Mid-Season. Red, oval-shaped fruit with thick red flesh. Flavourful, few seeds, little juice. Italian paste and canning tomato.DETERMINANT.
San Marzano Tomato

An old mysterious Italian variety that deep bright red, crack-resistant, and uniform looking tomato. Tomatoes don’t ripe at the same time so great for market gardeners. Little juice and very few seeds that makes it good for sauce.INDETERMINANT.
Snow White Cherry Tomato

Pale yellow cherry tomato. Very productive, super healthy plants. Sweet, crisp, juicy, great in salads and for snacking off the vine. Bred by Joe Bratka of New JerseyINDETERMINANT.
Southern Night Tomato

Midseason. Very dark red to black colour with dark green shoulders. Medium size. Potato leaf variety. Heirloom from Russia.INDETERMINANT.
Vernissage Tomato Mix

A mix all different colours of vernissage varieties. Yellow, pink, black, and green colours of tomatoes.INDETERMINANT.
Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Introduced into the 1991 Yearbook by Dr. Larry Woods from Georgia. His seed source grew this variety since the 1950s. Oblong 20-35 pound fruits with dark and light green stripes. Extra firm deep yellow flesh and black seeds. Quite productive, very high sugar content.
Sugar Baby Watermelon

8-10lbs. Sugar Baby is an early icebox variety. This watermelon has small, mottled seeds. Popular for using as a pollinator for triploid watermelons and is good eating as well.

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