Gaia Organic Vision

We believe seeds are the world’s most precious treasure. We have already lost a significant amount of earth’s biodiversity that is irrecoverable. Our passion lies in sustaining biodiversity in the plants we consume.

We honour and respect the complex interdependence that has always existed between seeds, soil microorganisms, pollinating insects, other animals, and ourselves to sustain the cycle of life.

That’s why we believe in using organic practices to revive the soil microorganisms to enhance soil quality and increase the safety and nutrients of our food. All our seeds are grown organically and follow strict certification guidelines to guarantee that we are producing top quality seeds for our customers. Our Organic Certificate can be found here in our blog post.

Gaia Organics’ broad vision is to serve Canadian organic farmers by providing a diversity of Canadian organically grown seeds and to build an interconnected network among farmers.

We are based out of Ottawa, Ontario serving organics seeds to all of Canada. We currently use land located in the greenbelt of Ottawa. Within the limited amount of land available and respecting isolation distance to have genetically pure varieties that you love, we continuously strive towards producing most of our seeds in Ottawa.

Whether you have a small garden plot or are an organic farmer, we can all work together to contribute to the diversity of our food source and ensure our food security for the future.

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