Evergreen Hardy White Scallion


Evergreen Hardy White Scallion | Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Allium fistulosum | Biennial | Heirloom

A non-bulbing bunching onion. An heirloom from Japan originated in the 1880s. Disease resistance to PR and smut. Also called Nebuka. Perennial, if overwintered in warmer climate develops clumps of scallions in the spring that can harvested or divided.

Planting tip: Direct sow outside or sow inside 6 weeks before planting outside. Sow seed in cluster when starting indoors. Pinch the top off when seedling is 4 inches tall. Trim seedling to 1” when it reaches 5” to increase thickness.

Harvesting tip: Scallions are typically ready to enjoy 8 to 12 weeks after sowing. Harvest the largest plants first so that those left can continue to grow. This way you can extend and maximize your harvest.

Storage tip: Store your scallions in the refrigerator or slice them up to pack into freezer bags or containers to add to recipes whenever you need a boost of fresh flavor.